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Default 02-04-2021, 08:24 PM

Had a date arranged for tonight, an attractive blonde MILF (just my usual) who initially approached me on a dating app last weekend.

Long story short, we soon swapped numbers and had been talking all week, with seemingly solid plans for this evening. I was to drive up to her town, about 20 miles away, and have a few drinks at hers, undoubtedly sleeping together. Or so I thought.

We last text each other this morning, both affirming how much we were looking forward to meeting tonight. Then when I finished work at 6pm I opened my phone to text her and she had blocked me. Vanishing without a trace.

There is absolutely zero explanation for this act. There's not a single thing I could have possibly done or said to be responsible for her suddenly disappearing, since everything was totally cool through text, and in terms of us getting on with each other.

Strange AF.

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