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Default 07-05-2020, 09:55 AM

Originally Posted by kowalski View Post
What you all doing?

I bought a shit tonne of weed, a shroom kit and an MPC One just as all this kicked off, so my days go a bit like this...

I actually purchased a Maschine MK3 early last month, was considering the MPC One but am fairly happy with my decision. They are very similar by all accounts.

Personally, I've been very busy with work, there is more work on than pre-covid. I'm not complaining as I'm making bank at the moment. Outside of that I've been fairly strict with my body weight routine (daily) along with getting back into skateboarding. Oh and like yourself I'm making beats (or at least trying to)

I've got two women on switch who I've been seeing to bump chests with, both happy to break restrictions to hang out, eat takeaway food and bang. But I'm fucking sick of both of them to be honest. Hanging around with only females really brings you down. But yeah it's been okay I suppose.

That said, I do miss actual freedom and seeing the boys. Can't wait to get some new woman in my life too. Not gonna bother with trying to get any during this bullshit either.

I been drinking like crazy too. But fuck it.
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