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Default 29-04-2020, 07:40 PM

I bought a bunch of online courses I've been doing. Completed the two life coaching ones and now I'm doing addiction therapy. That'll be followed by advanced CBT, then NLP, and I got another one on memory.

I'm in no real rush to get them done, but I imagine I'll have them all completed and passed by about July or August. As it stands I'm only really doing these as further topics of interest as a follow up to undergrad psychology, but I'm sure they could be potentially useful in a number of ways at some point.

The most I really have been able to maintain in terms of a structured schedule is every week morning from 9 to 11am I listen to a local talk/call-in radio programme whilst carrying out shit I've been meaning to do around my apartment. Then I usually eat at 12pm, 3pm and then again just before 6pm, with an 18 hour fast right through until 12 the next day. I can maintain this about 3 to 4 times a week but then I'll have a drink and eat some crap the next day, then start over again.

I go for big walks a few times a week, especially when it's sunny - which was practically every day for a month until today when it finally rained - whilst listening to a Joe Rogan podcast or Jordan Peterson lecture.

In between meals is study, reading, walking or errands such as driving to the supermarket. Evenings I like to study and read but it's unstructured and I'll do whatever I feel like for however long then read or vice versa. I've currently got about 5 books open and I enjoy the variance, makes you less likely to become bored of the one book.

I was already off work in recovery any way, so it hasn't been such a major upheaval to much of what I'd been doing for a number of months anyways, except the not being able drive to see family, and so with the extra free time I decided to get on the studying (thanks to the assistance of some well timed Facebook ads).

I try to minimise Facebook use though, because many people on it irritate me with their stupid questions and "Anyone know any good series I can waste my life away watching?", brain-dead fucks.

I started taking fat-burners a few days ago, which are a bit mental. It's just one a day but I feel constantly stimulated.

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