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Default Quarantine routine - 23-04-2020, 05:14 PM

What you all doing?

I bought a shit tonne of weed, a shroom kit and an MPC One just as all this kicked off, so my days go a bit like this...

I wake up at 9:30, the little butcher on my corner opens at 9:45 and I want to be in first in there, no viruses, wash whatever I buy with soap then alcohol and start working at 10am.

At midday I shower and eat and either dance for a bit, read / watch / listen to something or make music. I work again 14:00 - 16:30. Then eat again this time with wine and smoke a little weed.

From 18:00 - 21:00 I am on call. If I have any work I need to finish up I'll do it then too. If not, I'll clean up a bit.

Around 8ish I'll eat half a gram of shrooms and abuse the energiser bunnies clapping from their balconies. The shrooms start to take effect around 9 when I'm no longer on call, half a g just gives you a slight buzz nothing crazy. Then more dancing, making music and watching / reading / listening to stuff till bedtime.

Half a g of shrooms and an MPC. That's a recipe of fun.

My diet is fairly narrow as there are only two stores I go to. The local butcher because so few people go the and I can be there first and a nearby Korean store because they are intelligent enough to not let you ever and serve you through a window hatch. Mostly I eat only meats and eggs with green leaf, I drink gazpacho and kombucha and wine, and if I need to snack I have some gyoza or grilled prawns with sirracha.

Throughout the day I'll randomly just do some burpees.

So far, honestly, except for the fact I'd quite like to go for a skate or just sit outside, this is fucking awesome. On balance this is better than what the old normal was. If my choice is between not being able to skate or really be outside much at all versus having to pointlessly go to a building every day, I'll take the current thing. Plus I get all my work done in less time and to a higher standard because there's no distractions, I'm not tired and I'm not desperate to get something out of the day in the later hours when I should be sleeping.

Outside can fuck itself.



Drunk driving on a Wednesday

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