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I have to search for jobs as part of my Universal Credit agreement, so of course I am working on getting a job, you moron. Besides, I said free coaching, if you actually read the comment properly.
I wouldn't pay for the time of someone who happily insults me. (And probably isn't very good to begin with!).
Glad to hear you're trying to get a job, I read that you are 'long term unemployed' so assumed you'd given up. There's an app called 'intonations' that was recommended by a friend who's moved to a new city, says it's good for making friends. Therapy can be gotten through the NHS. I'm sure that my above advice would be better for you than a coaching session, goodluck.

Anyway, had a really fun session in Brick lane today. Was in a really good mood because 1) Did 11 straight handstand pushups/2x 15 second tuck planches/6 1APU + a coffee before going out. Then just as I left the house, I got an unexpected text from the bumble date inviting me to her house for dinner on Thursday, along with a sample picture of her cooking, which looks exquisite.

My most solid close was on the way to brick lane with a chick who just come from a fitness convention, high grade physique and just really friendly. Text back n forthduring the day and sent her a video of my in brick lane schooling some guy who'd set up chess tables, had a massive crowd watching too!

Had a couple sets that didn't hook as well as normal, but state stayed high because I was with a fun wing. Offered someone 'PEACE, LOVE AND WISDOM' while closing my eyes who found it hilarious, and went on to chat shit about a psychic had told me I was going to meet a sexy wearing a purple top who was unable to eat her food properly (the chick had missed her mouth while I was talking). Carried this sillyness on for a while.
The idea to chat shit about a psychic comes from one of my FWB who is really into this stuff, crystal balls and the like, personally i find it slightly insane....

Most notable part of the day was meeting my fav FWB and doing a double date in central with a 9/10 Isrealie girl my wing had just approached. SHe felt really comfortable when my FWB arrived because of the even numbers and social proof my wing got. He ended up nearly banging her at his, while we watched 'The gentleman' (epic movie!).

Got a feeling this week coming up is going to be a madness! Will be posting infield audio clips for your enjoyment too.
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