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Default Spread em- A coaches field reports - 23-02-2020, 09:32 PM

This is my first ever written log approaching, hopefully it'll inspire some people to approach more and enjoy game.

I'm going to outline it with a recent success/fail if it's worth it, and if not I'll tell a past story, then finish with a ramble.

Thursday 13th Feb- Cycled home during rush hour wish is rare for me, in a high grade mood due to finishing work earlier. At a red light I noticed a very in shape lady also cycling, get off to walk accross the light, who was wearing a pollution mask-


Her- What...?

me- Sorry to interrupt evasion of the red light, I wanted to ask if your mask is any good? I'm looking at getting one so I can live longer and not catch the corona virus.

Her- *surprised laugh* yes actually it's good I guess....

She then removed the mask and was telling me the brand name when I interrupted her-

Me- Oh shit! I really thought you'd be an old lady but you're shockingly cute, whats your name?

Her- *even more surprised laughter* Dani

She was way more receptive than I expected because I was looking dishevelled (and more importantly, was getting mega hungry) and she was hot as hell, managed to get a 2 minute random chat on the pavement in, acknowledging the funny awkwardness of the situation when people were walking around us to get past. Teased her for forgetting my name even though I hadn't said it, and talked shit about who could cycle fasted.

Told her I liked her energy and that I'd get a drink with her but unfortunately tonight was the only free evening I had for the next week... luckily she was too so I number closed and told her I'd send a bar to meet at 9pm after eating dinner.

The drink went really well, she's mega confident and there were a lot of 'frame control battles' aka banter to see who reacts more to who. I often dont go for the kiss on a first drink to build tension but we ended up making out alot, only didn't pull because of an early start the next day. The plan is Uno at mine at some point next week, we'll see. High value girl who's been on a TV show so has got a lot of attention from other dudes, and I'm busy AF right now.

Most annoying 'fail' springing to mind recently was not approaching a girl because I was late for work, she was at least a 15/10 so should have gone for it, pussssssy.
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