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Default 16-10-2019, 11:48 AM

... just read what you just wrote! You said you live in central EU I assume its Germany so its more German women around you then you think. On other hand you sound super desperate... even you don't live in Germany you can get on Facebook and join local Germany communities and meet chicks there or dating app and target Germans only. You said by your self that you studding Germany ask your class mates to introduce to some German girls etc... there should be more of them .... not just one in town...

We give you advice not to do dump shit but its your choice

If you so sure about her, ask her out and you'll see whats happens its like 50/50 chance you dream girls tells you to fuck off and after all the shits unfolds from your end. On other had there is some women better not to touch and leave them be as they are... in case you looking for problems.
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