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I worked as a maths tutor for quite a few years and did very very well doing it, and if you're genuinely entertaining the idea of doing this, you're dumb. For one thing, it's unprofessional. I tutored people at the uni level, mature students, the lot, and while I did a couple of times get the incling a student liked me, I viewed it as out of bounds.

Even if you think you don't risk anything other than losing a client, your priority should be to do your job like a professional. Fuck pragmatism and thinking cost?benefit for a moment and take a little pride in yourself.

You're there to provide a service, and you should think a bit more highly of your work than to jeopardise their learning because you want to fuck them. I'm not saying all social settings are out of bounds, but there are boundaries like any other job and you should take enough pride in yourself to not cross them.

Second of all, if this is something you're getting hung up on enough to sign up and ask for advice the correct thing to do, as always, is (sing it with me y'all)

Talk. To. More. Girls.

The main reason to be into game in my mind for just about everyone is to have enough options to make smart, beneficial choices about the girls you sleep with. So if you're considering doing some shit like this, you just plain need to talk to more girls. If you had enough options outside your work, you wouldn't even be asking this. Go out and do more game.

Y'all think it's bougie, I'm like, it's fine
But I'm tryin' to give you a million dollars worth of game for $9.99
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