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Originally Posted by dan300 View Post
When I say temporary I'm talking about the fasting itself. Nobody wants to be fasting 16-20 hours a day forever.

What I mean is that I'll continue to fast until I reach the desired weight, then go back to eating at normal times of the day, but good food not pizzas & shit that makes you fat. I never meant I'd go back to the prior food habits. Just on a cheat meal every so often.
Any particular reason for fasting, just easy to control intake or other reasons?

Sounds like really low cals - do you track calories and macros?

No particular food makes you fat - pizzas etc. doesn't matter how healthy or unhealthy it is. Too much pizza will make you fat but so will too much salad with eggs etc.
Love pizza,and chocolate for that matter, I just make sure it fits my goals by end of the day.

Whats the goal other than weight? To look good? Fight weight?
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