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Default 11-03-2019, 10:33 AM

Sounds a lot more exciting that it was... matched with a girl on Tinder about a week ago. From the photos I was 90% sure she has a prosthetic limb but she seemed chill and funny and I set up a drink for this week

She calls me on Friday night (she was tipsy) and tells me she doesn’t like British accents but do I wanna grab a beer? Red flags go off in my head but I think fuck it

Rock up and she’s 4’9 and missing an arm but it slim and cute with bright pink hair. We talk, it’s clear she’s got daddy, mummy and arm issues on top of other stuff but she’s a good laugh and not looking for anything serious.

She invites me back to her place for a joint. We smoke and fuck. She likes it rough and to be dominated, which is a problem because when I throw her around she doesn’t have 2 arms to steady herself and face plants a few times

Had I been more drunk I would have asked her for a handjob with the prosthetic limb...

Be desireless. Be awesome. Be gone

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