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Default 11-01-2019, 09:36 PM

Th past few months have been a crazy blast for me.

I'm currently the slimest and fittest that I've ever been. I've managed this from taking my nutrition a little more seriously as well as starting up climbing. Additionally I'm ice-skating once or twice a week on my lunch breaks as there are tons of free outdoor rinks in the city here.
This has been fantastic for my self esteem and for getting girls. I now regularly get actively hit on

NYE was a real blast, the Saturday before I flew back from visting the family at Christmas. I met a cute historian (also a Brit) on the plane and invited her out with my friends on NY as she was just arriving in MTL. We all went out, drank, ate got hammered and at midnight things got heated. She was ready to go earlier than I was and wasn't up for sex so I droped her at the bus stop and headed back to the bar. Saw a guy who looked like he needed winging but turns out it was his gf. Her friend did need some company so we danced drank and I went home with her. Quite possibly the hottest girl that I have ever slept with.
Saw the historian later in the week and we finished business. Can only assume she was surfing the crimson wave before.

Had a weird Tinder date a few weeks ago. Matched with a cute brazilian but all of her photos were tightly cropped around her face. I assumed she would be short and chubby but she was hilarious and fun so I figured I'd go with it for the crack. We set up drinks at a bar (she suggested a bar less than 50m from my flat - winner!). She turns up and she's the same height as me, slim and stunning. The host and barman were falling over themselves to serve her. We have a laugh at the bar and less than 2 hours later we were back at mine...

Aims for the new year:
- Open mic stand-up twice a month or more
- Complete a triathlon
- Learn to ski
- Improve Spanish to basic conversational level
- Return to Uni

Be desireless. Be awesome. Be gone
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