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Default 11-01-2019, 11:00 AM

Ok i think youve missed the point of this post Kowalski...I wasnt looking for a solution, and by the way your solution of "I'd be looking at all this as warning signs. I'd speak to her about my personal goals and about my expectations for a relationship in a non-manipulative manner, then I'd prepare myself to end the relationship" Doesnt help anyone.

If you read my first post I ended it with asking if anyone has dealt with someone with anxiety or is dealing with the Mental Health issue themselves. The fact that youve basically turned round and said its her problem not yours means that 1. youve not had anxiety or been with someone suffering with it. And 2. you are a typical Beta male acting as an alpha male that doesnt care about anyone but themselves.

This started as a reasonable discussion that I wanted to address to the public and get thoughts and advice, ideally from people who have experience in the matter. Unless you have something to enlighten us about the topic in hand please accept this post isnt for you.

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