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Default 30-12-2018, 02:14 PM

Just finished reading The Power of Habit

I thought it was the perfect book to go through just before the calendar flips. Especially since I'd already decided beforehand that instead of making any stupid new years resolutions, I'm making a list instead, of new good habits that I'll apply, and bad habits I want to eradicate.

It's actually difficult to separate them into the categories. For example me not taking my phone into the gym with me, is that a bad habit being eradicated, or is leaving it in the locker a new good habit? ... By deciding not to complain about things unnecessarily, is that eradicating a bad habit, or building a new habit by remaining positive?

I think I'm over-complicating it. Just realised it's actually both, the bad habit is being replaced with the good habit...duhhh

Also read Mans Search for Meaning last week. It was recommended to me after having had a difficult few months, which all began when I fucked a customer off (yes, guilty). It wasn't that long and I think it could have been wayyy more in depth. The second part of the book was written with - in my opinion - over the top complexity, in that it sounded like a counselling textbook... Having originally been published in 1946, nobody would have had a fucking clue what all the psycho-dynamic malarkey he was talking about meant.

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