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How To Approach

1. Proximity, Just Turn Head & Open

2. Manipulate Proximity, Walk Slowly & Comfortably, Position Yourself Near The Set
- Curve Near Them & Away In A Circular Fashion
- Naturally Turn Your Head To Look At Them, & Open

1. Calibrate Energy Level Based On Energy Of The Set, Slightly Higher Energy, Not Too Much Higher To Spook The Set, Definitely Not Lower Where You Are Leeching Value

2. Disarm Them With A FTC & Body Rocking

3. Stimulate By Adding Value, Being Warm, & Friendly

4. Face The Set When They Hook & Show Interest, Otherwise Talk Over The Shoulder

5. Stack Forward, Don't Get Stuck On The Opener

resource: Revelation, Mystery

Experience without theory is blind, but theory without experience is mere intellectual play.
~ Immanuel Kant ~
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