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Yes, water. It doesn't get cold enough to need home heating.

At first I thought everyone had hot water except in the association but later I realised nearly no one has it. To shower they boil a kettle, mix with cold water in a bucket and sit on a stool over the toilet hole. The idea is - build the first one at the association, show that it is effective, cheap and low maintainence, define all the uses and benefits, start installing them on people's homes, potentially develop it into gainful employment for one or more association members... and retain the grey water for cultivation.

I just started teaching the kids how to play mastermind, if any of you remember that logic game? I really want to develop their ability to create and test complex strategies. Here even the adults struggle with mastermind... some adult males can't even throw and catch well. Some even told me stickball (rounders / baseball but with a broom handle bat) was too difficult for the kids. They've seen me teach 6 year olds how to play chess now, so they are beginning to accept that if I say I can teach them something I can.

Gary Klucksparov it is!



Be authentic

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