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Default 12-11-2018, 12:39 PM

Originally Posted by kowalski View Post
It's such an interesting substance. How hugely different the effects are at different quantities. Unlike alcohol or weed or ecstasy or coke, where it is always the same effect just with increasing intensity.

The chocolate plan shouldn't do anything negative to them. The active chemical is fairly stable through heat changes.

I've done a lot of microdosing and found it hugely beneficial. The posts I wrote got deleted though
I was surprised at the difference taking it for the "trip" and microdosing made. I feel a lot more comfortable microdosing with and owning mushrooms as it's easier to explain away and get hold of.

I remember you posting about trying it but I couldn't remember you saying much more about it's effects on you...

Tried the chocolate and I prefer taking them that way, it's slower acting and avoids the slight "buzz". The tea/eggs is faster acting so if I don't take it a couple of hours before work it makes me anxious I'll be caught out - since the legalisation of weed, they keep training and re-iterating about working under the influence.

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