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Nah, man. You didn't see it.

Just from memory: Derren goes into the kid's bedroom with a 3 man camera crew and wakes him up in the middle of the night and he's super chill about it... because it wasn't a surprise. He wakes up but his girlfriend does not... because it's fake. Derren gets him to sign a contract without reading it and even states that he didn't have to read it. Do you not sign people up to contracts at work? You should know how totally illegal it is to encourage someone to sign something that they haven't read and don't understand. It didn't happen. He signed another real contract at a different time and was encouraged to read it. There is the claim that all the cameras are "very well hidden" why say "very well" because it's a lie. Every camera shot from a supposedly hidden camera has something out of focus blocking part of the view. That's a theatrical move. Derren says that he puts the kid into a catatonic state. He does not. That is a lie. He says the catatonic state is caused by some lights and sounds. That is impossible. The guy who created the lights show is an artist not a scientist. Derren says he was in this catatonic state (which is not true) for 13 hours. How did he piss and shit and drink water... well, because it is a lie. It takes 3 hours and 5 minutes to fly London to Marrakech. A little driving. The check in process. Ok. But what were they doing for the other approx. 7 hours? Nothing, it's a lie. You can't just stroll through airport security with an unconscious person. It's totally illegal. Yet Derren claims to do just that. When the kid "wakes up" he shows how bad an actor he is. He's like a cat that you just brought home in a bag and is now looking around your home. The room you are in now, imagine if the next time you blinked it was replaced by a completely different room what your reaction would definitely be.

It's so fake because Derren is an Illusionist and this is an illusion. Illusionists don't do the things they say they do, they create an illusion where the audience and any legit participants think they are doing the things they say they are doing.

I can't believe I'm having to explain how magic works to you.

You know when you pretend to take a baby's nose but you haven't really done it but you create the illusion that you have. Well that is what Derren does but to adults. And he's very good at it and is highly entertaining. And if you really listen to what he says in the shows and when being interviewed and in his book, he admits it. But he admits it in a guarded way that not everyone listening will pick up on.



Be authentic

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