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Originally Posted by kowalski View Post
No. He didn't wake up in another country, that isn't how hypnotism works.

I think you should watch it again and pay attention to what actually happens through the lens of what is possible and legal, meanwhile make a list of all Derren's lies and misdirection in the piece.

He's an Illusionist. Nothing more. He is creating an illusion.
Yeah after watching it again, the guy had met Derren and signed a contract - in very weird circumstances yes, but he signed it nonetheless.

Although he technically/physically awoke from his hypnotic state in another country, it isn't the same as if he hadn't applied for the Derren Brown show nor met him prior, and awoke in that place.

Originally Posted by kowalski View Post
I'm in a village, with just over 1,000 houses, in the south of Morocco.

Here I teach English 2 hours a day, 5 days a week for a community association. There's a "flat" on the first floor where I live. People here smoke a lot of hash. There's no alcohol. There are donkeys and cats. I snatched a kitten from outside last night after noticing that a mouse had moved in. Most days we eat tagine. In the evenings we play chess and instruments and whittle wood. I started a thermalsiphon water heater project and leaning how to play Go. I let a second kitten in because they were crying for each other. Winter low is ~10C.

It's a pretty perfect place for me right now. I'll probably stay a while.
I still think it's kinda mad, but cool, that Kowalski is doing this whole off-the-grid thing.

Sounds like you're having a fun adventure tho.

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