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Default 09-11-2018, 02:56 PM

Last weekend I took mushrooms and it gave me an unbelievable experience both positively and negatively.

I'm still coming to terms with the exerience as a whole.
Despite having done mushrooms before, I'd only ever taken enough for a reasonable euphoria and mild hallucinations (1-2g) and I decided to up the ante to 3-3.5g for a trip.

The thing that I didn't expect (was just searching for a high/experience) is that post trip, it removed all of the physical symptoms of my depression. Totally. The past few months/years I have been tired and sluggish as well as demotivated, I'd developped a bad habit of drinking and smoking weed everyday.

I've been Microdosing 0.2g in my morning tea every 3rd day with a 2 day gap between and my energy levels are consistently somewhere I haven't experienced in years. My main problem now is undoing the learned negative thought patterns/behaviours that have become engrained however 1 week after and I'm making more progress by myself with introspection and meditation than several years of self-help and therapy.

I'm flying to Calgary in 2 weeks and mushrooms remain illegal here unlike weed. I'm going to try putting my next dose in a cube of chocolate (melting and resetting with diced mushrooms inside) and seeing whether it still has the same effects as this would make it very easy to travel with.

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