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Default New simpler diet & focused training - 07-08-2016, 05:37 AM


My lunch breaks change on a 3 week rotational pattern but nothing major just an hour difference each week.

Lunch - 40g brown pasta, lettuce, tin of tuna & salad cream.

After work - Lettuce, 2 whitefish fillets, salad cream & 110g of cherry tomatoes.

100g of 0% fat Greek yogurt.

Plenty of water & some green tea.

Gym - at least 3/4 times per week

Warm up for 10 minutes.

Abs - I do 100 reps of varied crunches in 20s & 10s, followed by 200 Turkish twists, 50 per set, with a 10kg kettle bell... Takes 30 minutes all in

Weights - I was doing machines for a few months & moved on to free weights. I mix it up each workout, doing the popular dumbell exercises (couldn't be bothered looking up the names, you know the ones) with the heaviest I can possibly lift, adding weight as soon as I can, & bench press

Cardio - My favourite part.. Since I started back in February I have been experimenting with different methods of interval training. From treadmill, to stair climber, to stationary bike, to rower. I have built up a serious stamina in that time & about a month ago I found the absolute perfect exercise which is surprisingly comfortable & enjoyable despite being gruelling in theory...

Incline sprints: I fire up the treadmill & set it to 5kph on an incline of 10. I walk for 5 minutes then turn it up to 10kph for 40 seconds then back to 5kph for a minute. I do this until the 25 minutes I set it to are up... The second half of the sprints I have been increasing to 11 & 12kph, so I am ready to start them at this speed from here on. The only reason I haven't been was to avoid injury.

Ps. The other day i set the treadmill to the fastest setting to see how long it would take to run a mile. It was 5 minutes exactly, that's how I know it's in kph. I have decided a new exercise goal is to run a 4 minute mile. I'll need a faster treadmill to do it, but first I'll need to see if I can even do a fucking 5 minute mile.

Pss. I had a heart monitored test at hospital a few weeks ago after I felt like I'd almost had a heart attack sat at my desk. They got me to stay on a treadmill that was getting faster & steeper, for as long as I could, whilst wired up to a scanner. They stopped it at 15 minutes saying they had saw enough (obviously I wouldn't have stopped) & the result was that I am fit as a fucking fiddle.

Which is a welcome surprise, considering the insane life I once lead.

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