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Red face Worst rejection? - 02-06-2018, 11:21 AM

Okay I have been tracking my approaches in a spreadsheet and this was back at around 20 approaches.

I was in a different town that I don't normally approach in.

I went into a clothes shop (can't remember which one)

And there was this maybe HB5 (?) buying some clothes in the ladies section.

I was debating whether to bother approaching or not as I hadn't made one all day and I'd already been there for an hour already, so I positioned myself so as to get a good look at the target and covertly observe them.

She was really borderline anyway, so I figured she could do with the compliment.

So I went over, said she looked quite nice (through gritted teeth as when I got close I could see that she was mid 30s, yellow crooked teeth), introduced myself as usual and she went BALLISTIC!

Firstly, she accused me of staring at her, I thought people don't notice what you do and it was all in my head as it says on the videos.

But somehow she must have noticed or been paranoid from the start.

She was like "I am in a WOMAN's clothing shop buying WOMAN's clothes and you are coming over here telling me I look NICE!?"

and then she was like

"I'm engaged and I don't think HE would be very happy either".

By this time she was pointing a very shaky finger at me and then she was like

"I am going to ask you NOT TO TALK TO ME again".

At this point I was like "Right I can see you are shaking so I am going to leave now"

And then the sales assistant came over and asked me to leave as well.

I almost tripped over a clothing stand in my haste to get outta there

By far the worst outcome from an approach I've had!

What are your worst rejection stories?
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