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Default My goal to 50 approaches - 03-06-2018, 04:46 PM

Well, since the end of March I was doing cold approaches.

I only count successful approaches, which are approach the target, deploy the compliment, acknowledge the compliment as received and appreciated.

I do not count failed approaches such as being blanked or just someone quickly saying "I've got a boyfriend".

That does not count.

In fact, recently I've only been counting approaches that have resulted in a conversation where I can tell they are genuinely impressed.

I am on 44 now since March 28th.

Once I've made six more I will go with a day gaming coach to help push the boundaries and give me some tips.

I'll have to go up to London to do that but it will be worth it to get tuition from a pro.

Edit: I should emphasize that this is DAY GAME, I find "night game" to be highly unethical and predatory.

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Default 07-06-2018, 06:46 PM

Absolutely killed it today-smashed my previous record of 11 approaches in one day and made it to 14.

And I think it was the nicest "rejections" I've had, on a consistant basis, I didn't have one awkward/weird one either.

I had little anxiety, I've got a feeling that my energy is changing.

I wasn't feeling nervous like "I shouldn't be doing this" when I was approaching chicks.

I even stopped a chick on her phone and she was okay about it!

I was so relaxed, loving it, dunno why.

There were a few that I let slip due to them being with guys or not sure of the age but on the whole I was really impressed with myself.

There were very few awkward feeling ones.

Suffix to say, I was bossing it.

Riding the high.

My goal at this point is to become an "approach machine".

I don't want to go back to being in my head at all, it's the nasty rejections that do that to me.

I remember taking hours just to do 2-3 approaches a couple of months ago.

14 approaches in one day, BEAST!

The chicks were all so nice and it wasn't even that sunny, a little bit but overcast, I dunno, I'll put it down to my energy changing for the better.

My goal was actually 2 or 3 approaches but it was one of my best days ever!
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Default 09-06-2018, 07:38 PM

Well I went out today (Saturday) with a goal to do a few approaches, nothing major.

Unfortunately I was so inside my head that I couldn't seem to do it. I was having the old paranoid thoughts and not being in the moment. Thinking everyone was watching, thinking the targets are going to react badly, etc.

I think the main thing was that I was tired from working 5 nine hour shifts on a building site which is my job at the moment.

But I was also paranoid that after my approach spree on Thursday, I might get noticed or approach the same targets again and use up their good will.

I went to the cemetery and had a nap under an old oak tree which was nice and helped my state, but by that time I was too far down the rabbit hole.

I looked at some headstones and reminded myself that I will be dead one day but it still wasn't working!

I felt like I had a zipper on my mouth and it was firmly zipped shut. I half heartedly pursued a few chicks but didn't approach them.

I even hesitated to ask a supermarket worker if they had something. I was back to my old ways of hovering around and not approaching.

I couldn't even bring myself to do self amusement or say hi. I think I was out for 3 hours and only spoke twice to people.

Indeed I was walking around with my hood up and shades on.

I must have let 10 reasonably pretty chicks pass me by, including 2 or 3 quite stunning ones. In fact I saw more chicks today when I felt unable to approach than I normally see out!

So I could have attempted to approach, but I figured I would let myself see what it was like to be my old self again.

And that confirmed that I sure as hell know I don't want to go back!

My energy and mojo felt like it had disappeared, but I am fairly sure it was because I was tired.

I feel like if I got a couple of rejections I would have learnt something and made some effort but just having nothing doesn't feel great at all.

Tomorrow is a new day.

Last edited by MikeH0ck; 09-06-2018 at 07:53 PM.
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