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Default 26-07-2017, 01:39 AM

The staff in our department are literally dropping like flies. As bad as this sounds for the business, I think it's good for a number of reasons.

The first being that as there are a smaller number of heads, there is less competition in the pursuit of sales. Yesterday I got 7 (a personal best I believe) and the department manager today passed me a message through my TL that I was holding the team together with the 25% conversion rate I'm hitting.

I've only been back on the phones a week. Hopefully I can maintain the pace and exceed the shit out my previous sales figures a year ago.

I have been loosely considering looking for a new job myself however, after some deliberations with myself I think it's best to stay where I am for now.

This decision has nothing to do with me starting to hit sales and potentially high bonuses again - although of course this would be much welcomed - it's more to do with the hassle of starting a new job and the training & learning process involved, when I have a plan to launch a business very soon.

As well as this I'll be starting the final psychology module in October to complete my degree.

I'll be spinning enough damn plates as it is without the added hassle of having to learn a new job. So I'm just content right now knowing that I'll be making an attempt soon at becoming responsible for my own financial future. And at the same time earning extra money from commission.

One other thing, if we recruit again to make up for the drastic drop in staff, there might be a few hotties in the mix.

So, we'll see what happens.

Rule number 1, don't be number 2
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Default 03-08-2017, 06:32 PM

Originally Posted by dan300 View Post
I had pretty much decided with 99% certainty that I was going to be using Shopify to host my online store. However, I then stumbled upon this UK based website building service...

Within minutes of taking a peek around their site, one of their agents popped up on a live chat to ask how they could help...

...EKM, are UK based. So no issues with time differences if I needed to call them with a problem. Plus, my first impressions are definitely good ones. They are clearly on the ball, what with their swift and prompt actions not only in popping up for a chat almost immediately, but in arranging a call with one of the account managers.
I didn't actually take the call a few weeks ago because I was too busy at the time, so we rearranged it for today.

I chatted with one of the account managers, who gave me access to a demo version of their site and showed me the ropes remotely.

The demo is still open, and it will be for the next 24 hours. I've been toying around with it for the last hour since our call ended and it's pretty straightforward to use.

They we're helpful and happy to answer my questions, and gave me advice on important aspects like finding suppliers and marketing.

There was no hard sell either, which is a huge bonus. He was happy to spend half an hour talking to me and answering questions even though I'm not opening a store right away.

It feels like step forward, and something should be happening for real by the end of the month.

Rule number 1, don't be number 2
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kowalski (03-08-2017)
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Default 10-08-2017, 09:37 PM

There's no real purpose of this post only only to vent my frustrations.

Doing research on suppliers is difficult as there's so many scam websites out there claiming to be amazing then you see reviews of how terrible they are. Then there's the one's who charge a fee just to get access to their lists of wholesalers and dropshippers, again, scammy middlemen cunts. All of which to be avoided.

So that leaves you browsing and browsing trying to find reputable suppliers, and because there's so many cunts out there you wouldn't know who to trust. As well as this it makes deciding a market even more difficult.

I want to find UK or Ireland based suppliers to strike up communications, with the aim of forming a working relationship/partnership. The reason I want them to be close to home is because the whole dropshipping from China based sellers doesn't feel like the best way to become a decent, reliable company. I want to be delivering in a reasonable timeframe, and deliver quality goods.

Starting off by dropshipping from China is recommended as a good way to get your feet wet in eCommerce, and that may be true. But I would prefer to start as I mean to go on, by having a trustworthy store and reputation from the outset, and not worrying if my customers are going to receive a dodgy piece of crap made in a basement on the other side of the world, 2 months after they ordered it.

My ideas keep bouncing around and I know for sure I'm in analysis paralysis mode. One minute I'm looking at the supplements and nutrition market, next I'm imagining the idea of a funky gadgets store.

On the one hand I can visualise myself being successful at this venture, and the possibilities excite me. On the other hand I have been feeling doubtful, particularly over the last few days.

I guess both of the above are to be expected though.

Just poured a glass of wine and going to chill for a bit.

All I can do is proceed with the grind until I hit a sweet spot.

Rule number 1, don't be number 2
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Default 10-08-2017, 11:58 PM

I think another rather large issue as to why I find it hard is that I don't want to be just another retailer doing the same fucking thing that a ton of other people are already doing. Selling the same products. Having my store filled with the same stuff. Advertising for 3p less that the rest. Basically a following the crowd kind of thing.

I'm not expecting to be James Dyson but I need to do something current in a different way, or something that serves consumers in a better way than competitors are providing. There's no point opening a store advertising digital cameras or fancy dress costumes when there's probably a million people doing the same, and likely from the same source as you.

As I said before I'll keep the thinking cap on.

On a brighter note, although this week has been full of doubt I'm still learning things and picking up important little nuggets here and there every single day.

Rule number 1, don't be number 2
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