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Originally Posted by PostScript View Post
awesome, congrats Dan!
Cheers dude...

One thing about it though, I got an email yesterday inviting me for a second interview. They said it's because I declared convictions on the safeguarding form & I imagine they want to question me about these & see what type of person I am now. Which, I am a totally different person. I think if it ruled me out they wouldn't have invited me back.

The convictions are - some car offences when I was 18 in 2003 (car theft, no license, no insurance), a disorderly behaviour charge at around the same age, a common assault in 2007, & a caution for possession of a class B drug in 2010.

So, not exactly the extensive record reminiscent of a career criminal. Just some mistakes I made that I didn't make again (or at least didn't get caught again, but that's between us haha). However, I've genuinely changed my life around & there is evidence of this as well as references. So hopefully this past shit doesn't screw me.

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