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Was great fun today.

At the fan-zone we wore bibs with the Northern Ireland team logo on & had volunteer cards hanging around our necks so that people knew we were on duty.

It's a nice feeling when fans & kids are coming up to you asking for help or directions or assistance, or could you get them a football, or whatever the request may be, because they know that's what you're there for & therefore they are trusting in you. In return we go over & above to ensure they get what they need, so that they are happy & satisfied with our service.

Aside from that stuff we can basically use our initiative. At the start I lifted a big bunch of mini flags & walked around handing them out to fans for example.

After it our team (we were purple) were assigned to help clear up the fan-zone, other teams were to guide the routes into the stadium. After we were done we were given our tickets to the game & signed off duty & went in to enjoy the game. We won 2-1.

The coolest thing that happened today though, was when I won a years gym membership after I rowed the furthest distance inside 2 minutes, in a rowing competition

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